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Learn To Make A Real Life Hobbit House That’s Totally Sustainable



Geeli Mitti is organising a DIY Cob Cottage Build workshop {Feb 20 onwards} in Pangot, Nainital, where people can volunteer and learn how to make their own sustainable houses of cob {a combination of earth, straw and sand} that are earthquake proof, bullet proof and drop dead gorgeous.

Follow The Cob Mentality

Us urban slaves live in concrete houses, inhale pollution and fight with everyone. This is no life to be proud of, guys.

With this six-week-long Cob Cottage project, however, you have a chance at having another go at life. You can sign up as a volunteer {for as many days as your busy life permits} and pick up life skills and the invaluable art of making your own house – with your own talented, hardworking hands!

You get to be downright dirty. You get to live in a fairy tale cottage. You embrace an eco-friendly existence {cob houses need no ACs or heaters… natural climate control, whoa!} and see an alternative eco commune come into being in Pangot.

Mud Cakes Of A Different Variety

Once you sign up, you’ll begin by prepping the ground and then make the cob mix, create structures, build doors, do plasters, make mud art and basically do every small thing that goes into making an organic house. We’ve also seen happy photos of families who participated in the last workshop and had a blast.

Not only that: Shagun {the eco-warrior and sustainability expert who hosts these classes} tells us that you will eventually learn to create an organic farm for everyday meals, make a windmill and bake breads in a clay oven. And your carbon footprint will be crying in a corner.

OMG, if this doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will.

Cosy Cottage In The City

Shagun assures us that we don’t need to relocate to the hills to create our own cob house – we can do it on a patch of land in the city or even on our terrace.

Oh, and we forgot the biggest news: You contribute just INR 7,000 for 10-days of engagement or INR 10,000 for 45 days and this takes care of your accommodation and meals as you work.

For lots more information, you can go on the Facebook page