Discuss, Chill & Grow: These 9 LGBTQ+ Support Groups Will Be Your Safe Space

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Everyone deserves to live a life without fear, to be able to express their opinions freely, and have someone to turn to in times of crisis. We asked around, did our research and found eight support groups that can be a safe space for those within the queer community. What you can count upon are endless conversations, heart-to-heart vent sessions, and lifelong friendships. Read on!


Formed in 2014, Nazariya is a queer feminist resource group based out of Delhi. They work towards addressing issues and concerns of lesbian bisexual women and trans people assigned female at birth. This group organises a lot of events like film screenings, book launches, workshops and talks where one can meet like-minded individuals, discuss issues relating to gender and sexuality and expand one’s horizon in ways unimaginable.

Naz Foundation

Naz is one of Delhi’s oldest organisations that has played a key role in spreading awareness about matters relating to HIV/AIDS and other sex-related issues in India. Over the years, they have supported various causes and communities, one of them being equality for the members of the LGBTQ+ community. They also have offices in Bangalore and Mumbai

They run a helpline number and people can even visit their office in East of Kailash for counselling sessions and any kind of support.

Harmless Hugs

Started in 2012 by Vinay Kumar, Harmless Hugs today is a community with more than 7.5k members across India. With a focus on community building, this group hosts a variety of informational and exciting events throughout the year like the Queer Holi event, the Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF) and the LGBTQ+ Flash Mob. On a bi-monthly and monthly basis, they also organise workshops and Harmless Hugs meets. In case of medical or legal emergencies, these guys can also connect you with a number of NGOs they’re associated with.

Follow their Facebook page to stay updated with all of Harmless Hugs’ events, stories and more.

The Humsafar Trust

Humsafar Trust is one of India’s oldest organisations that has been advocating for the rights and the health of LGBTQ+ individuals in India since 1993. Twice every month, they host meet-ups and workshops to bring the community together and socialise. Apart from this, the good folks at Humsafar also provide legal and psychological aid to those in distress. In cases of extortion, blackmail, or to help you through the ‘coming out’ phase, these are the people you can trust without any qualms. They conduct a bunch of workshops as well so do keep a check on their social media handles and website for the same. 

Sappho for Equality

Sappho for Equality is a registered organisation in Kolkata, working for the rights and social justice of LGBTQ+ individuals on one hand and creating a safe space for community members on the other. Sappho for Equality works along the same lines of empowering people for their choices, and desires and coming together for the good and the bad. They actively enlighten people through their Digital Archive for LGBTQ+ Information and Learning (DALIL) and are also looking at launching a sexuality academy soon. You can reach out to them at their helpline for subsidised counselling services and check out their website for lots more.


Ya-All which reads as Yawol in Manipuri translates to revolution. Started as a WhatsApp group in 2017, it is a queer and youth-focused network that thrives on gender-sexuality advocacy through online and offline activities like social media campaigns, workshops, film screenings, fashion shows, sports, art, and literature. Their flagship event, Queer Games, is a fun and not-so-conventional football tournament that mainstreams LGBTQ+ awareness without being too chatty. You can get in touch with them for all sorts of counselling, research, and work opportunities at Meitram, their co-working and networking space in Manipur, India’s first to be led by queer individuals; or through their helpline number.

Mist LGBTQ Foundation

Mist, which began as an online collective in 2009, is an LGBTQ+ foundation based in Pune that assists the community in navigating through one's sexual preferences. What distinguishes Mist is their wonderful notion that not only allies but also the LGBTQ+ community, must be made aware of each other's unique challenges, making the teaching process continuous and ever-evolving. Mist is known for their super exciting initiatives that bring the community together like parties, pageants, panel discussions, etc., so do keep a check on their website to remain up to speed on upcoming events.


Sangama was founded in 1999 in Karnataka. It is a developmental organisation striving to help economically disadvantaged communities—transgender persons, sexual minorities, and sex workers. Their aim is to not only help these communities by spreading awareness but to also help these people become financially secure through education and business support. Their vision encapsulates the need to work not only with sexual minorities but also with their family members, friends, co-workers and the society at large. In case you wish to seek assistance or want to volunteer/intern with them, they can be reached at sangama@sangama.org.

Queer Nilayam

Queer Nilayam is a support group for LGBTQ+ individuals in Hyderabad. Nilayam means home in Telugu, which is the idea behind providing a safe space to all. For someone who’s not out yet, this support group can be your ideal place to confide in and find some much-needed strength to take the leap. They also host weekly meetings to discuss emotional, social, health, and other issues to create a sense of belonging and encouragement among LGBTQAI+ folks. You can purchase their e-magazine, QueerNama highlighting the journeys of eminent queer personalities at their official website.


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