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Light The Way- Raghu Dixit Plays for Global Change

Namrata posted on 23rd September

Ten Second Takeaway

In honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending the UN General Assembly to sign the Global Goals initiative, Seher has put together a one-off ‘Light The Way’ show, featuring Raghu Dixit. The show is in support of the PM and this endeavour to tackle issues such as poverty, inequality and climate change.

History is being made

At least, that’s what it feels like! Seher {which also organises events such as the Delhi Jazz Festival and South Asian bands festival} have put together an event which will see Raghu Dixit taking the stage, as well as a laser light show that will illuminate the Purana Quila in all its glory.

Across borders

The show and its images will be showcased at the UN General Assembly, for some of the world’s top trailblazers. It is a symbolic gesture that marks the support of all Indian citizens.

The endeavour

Global Goals is a long term plan to focus on the world’s most pressing problems, with special focus on eradicating poverty, inequality and shifting to renewable energy to combat extreme climate change.

LBB Insider

Similar events will be held all over the world {such as the Sydney Opera House} to show solidarity for the cause. After all, music unites us all in the face of global change.

When: 24th Sep, 7pm onwards

Where: Purana Quila, Mathura Road

Price: Free entry

Find out more here.