Keep Calm & Shop: These Beautiful Cruelty-Free Leather Bags Are Available On A Discount

    Niharika posted on 20 December

    What Makes It Awesome

    From weekender duffel bags to grungy backpacks and also happy trunks, Aulive has them all! Their sleek laptop bags and sleeves are classic. Also, the happiest thing about Aulive is that the products are handcrafted by the local Indian artisans while the material is sourced from Italy.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    If you follow Aulive {} on Instagram - they tend to play the 'Secret Santa' quite often by sending you a DM with exclusive sneak-peeks or tempting codes. Otherwise, there is also the discount code 'SANTA' for now to avail a 12% off on these elegant cruelty-free leather products.

    Anything Else?

    Plus, there is a limited edition Sea-Green duffel bag available for pre-order. It was added due to an overwhelming response to the colour. If you get it now - you'll be one of the very few strutting it around on your travel escapades.

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