Work It Like The Experts: Achieve Your #FitnessGoals For 2018 With Fashionista Shifa Merchant

Lipton posted on 10 January


Based out of Mumbai, fashion and lifestyle blogger Shifa Merchant pens a wide array of her adventures, across food, fashion and travel experiences on her blog – Sassy Shif Says. If you haven’t already, head there to get inspired and kickstart 2018 on the right note.

Eat, Exercise, Energise

If 2017 was the year of indulgences and pampering your tastebuds, we understand if you went off-track on your fitness journey. Luckily for us, Shifa sympathises as well and admits to planning and making smart choices when it comes to her eating and drinking habits. A firm believer in fitness starting from within, she’s making the switch to healthier low-calorie options, including drinking Lipton Ice Tea. With no artificial flavours, it’s definitely her favourite beverage for staying refreshed and energised on the go and during a workout.

Dream It, Do It

It’s tough to stay focused on a big goal, so why not start with small steps? Focusing on mindful eating is not only impactful, but also helps one stay on track and make healthier choices. Replacing sweet carbonated beverages and energy drinks with options like lemonade, coconut water and iced tea helps Shifa stay motivated and goal-oriented. After all, 2018 is for the hustle!

Fitspiration 101

We were curious to know who motivates our fitspiration, and Shifa swears by Pamela Reif. An epitome of strength and beauty, Pamela Reif has a range of versatile fitness videos that’ll encourage and motivate you to workout harder. Whether you want to lose weight, get healthier or tone up, there’s a video by her that’ll get definitely leave you inspired.

Cheat Days To Keep It Balanced

Shifa knows the importance of a well-balanced meal, but she also says its important to acknowledge the powerful cravings that threaten to throw everything off balance. Her simple solution is to make her cheat-days a monthly treat, supplemented by extra running another day. With a strong focus on limiting portions during her cheat day, she manages to stay on track and slay everyday, month on month!

Let's Get LIT!

If you believe in the saying new year, new you, then fam, we believe in it too! Feel refreshed and healthier with Shifa’s motto to switch to healthier choices, including Lipton Ice Tea. With this revitalising drink by our side,  there’s no worry about damaging and harmful ingredients entering our system, and the 23% less sugar makes it ideal for anyone who wants to make a healthy switch between their workout drinks.

If you’re excited to kickstart your LIT journey, then we’re right there by your side! Go and stock up on your packs today, and pick your favourite flavour to a dose of goodness today! Follow Shifa’s journey on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay motivated and inspired!

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