It’s Raining #FitnessGoals in 2018: Fashion Blogger Shalini Chopra's Changing The Game With Exciting New Exercises

Lipton posted on 05 February

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A fashion and luxury lifestyle blogger at StylishByNature.com, Shalini Chopra’s goal for 2018 is to show us how to be beautiful, fit and stylish in all aspects of life. If you haven’t already, check out her blog to find the best of everything from fashion, travel and food to fitness, and much more.

Witness The Fitness

Every year comes with its challenges across work-life balance. And soon the years take a toll on our health and fitness, so one has to act fast to get on the path of wellness. This year, Shalini’s set achievable fitness goals, focusing on endurance, flexibility and stamina.

Hustle Baby!

Shalini enjoys working out at Cult – The Workout Station. And here’s a fun surprise! We thought she’d pick a solo workout regimen or heading the gym on her own, she instead opts for group classes to stay motivated. With an interesting mix of boxing, strength & conditioning, zumba and MMA, Shalini knows how to balance them all to create an engaging workout routine. And for all of you who also lift heavy, she’s got a great tip to improve flexibility: yoga classes! 

From Goals To Results

Shalini’s motto is simple and direct: fitness can’t be faked! And we can’t help agreeing wholeheartedly! If you really want to get fit, then there’s nothing that can stop you. So get ready to make 2018 your year of fitness!

Calories Don't Count On Cheat Days

How can one ignore cravings for carbs? Shalini’s sweet indulgence happens once a week, when she binges on chocolate and ice-creams. Despite the choice of picking fizzy and sugary colas, she has cut down on caffeine and artificial sugar completely. A healthier, refreshing drink to match her hectic lifestyle, she trusts Lipton Ice Tea, infused with real tea leaves for a balance in her diet. Since its not carbonated and has no artificial colouring or flavouring, and has less sugar as well –  switch to Lipton Ice Tea for a healthier 2018.