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Listen Up! This New Restaurant is Bringing Vietnam Straight To Your Doorstep!

    DLF Phase - 2, Gurgaon

    Settled in the constantly bustling DLF Cyberhub, Viet Nom is on everyone’s go to list!  This restaurant is known for its authentic mouthwatering Vietnamese food! With intricate and soulful interiors, Viet Nom brings together the aspects of food, drinks, and ambience together seamlessly, successfully transporting you all the way to Vietnam! Visit this place for an experience rich in culture and food!

    What’s On the Menu?

    A delicious mix of colonial influence and age-old native flavours and techniques, Viet Nom is nothing short of a must visit. Offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine that has been catered to the taste palate of Indians, this restaurant is a first of its kind! Fresh ingredients are imported all the way from Vietnam making the food all- time fresh and healthy not to mention true to its taste! 

    The menu comprises of dishes that have been tried and tested multiple times to ensure there is no lag in terms of authenticity. The humble Hoi An rice cooked in chicken broth and served with shredded chicken, fresh herbs, pickles and a chilli sauce is considered to be one of the showstoppers! Joining the list are the Stone hot pot fish which is magically created in front of the guests and the Lolot are just some of their star pieces and must tries! When people think of Vietnam, they automatically think of ‘Pho’. It is so much in popularity that a bowl of ‘Pho’ is ordered by almost every table! It also has a fully decked bar that churns out exotic drinks with modern infusion of Vietnamese and Asian Classics guaranteeing a tipsy thrill!

    #ProTip: Try their one of a kind coffee and thank us later!

    So, We Are Saying..

    Viet Nom is a stunner of a restaurant that has managed to get its menu and authenticity completely on point. They’ve adapted the recipes to suit vegetarians as well and the whole experience is nothing short of beautiful. Head over there now to experience a piece of Vietnam!

      DLF Phase - 2, Gurgaon