Ten-Second Takeaway

Blink and you’ll miss this little gem of a place in the main Hauz Khas Market. Just pay them a visit, or order in a soulful bowl of pho, fresh Vietnamese shrimp rolls and the most insane peanut sauce. It’s apparently run by an ex Blue Ginger chef, which explains a lot!

Who Is It For?

For those in search of authentic Vietnamese flavours.

Why Should I Go  Here?

It’s no-frills food, and the vibe is quite canteen-esque.


141016_littlesaigon2Though I was hoping to find the beef pho, I happily settled for the seafood {the chicken one had a delicately-flavoured broth that came accompanied with the freshest herbs and sprouts}. It was a winner all the way.

How Was the Experience?

Their peanut sauce that came with the summer rolls is super addictive and one of the best I’ve had!

#LBBTip: There’s limited seating, so call ahead.

Photos source: Little Saigon Delhi