Ten-Second Takeaway

Said to be one of the hidden gems of Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar lets you experience the rustic and slow life, while also offering luxuries like a private splash pool.

Back In Time

lakshman sagar in rajasthan

Source: Lakshman Sagar

Crossing the bumpy roads of Raipur, under the hot sun, when you finally reach Lakshman Sagar {a property of Sewara Hospitality} and look around you, it may not be too difficult to imagine it as the hunting lodge from the late 19th century {built by the then thakur of Raipur, Lakshman Singh} that it actually was.

Take a step into one of the cottages along the man-made lake {they have six on both sides of it} and you will be gently brought back to the present. Made with mud, stone and wood {following a sustainable design}, the simple-looking cottages are brightly decorated within. The best part? Each room opens comes with a private plunge pool where you can splash about or just laze around, taking in the view before you. So while you do get to experience the rustic country life of Rajasthan in this reinterpreted, secluded resort, it’s no less luxurious.

Simple Pleasures

lakshman sagar in rajasthan

Image courtesy: Lakshman Sagar

The Zanana and the Mardana {two buildings originally built as quarters for women and men, respectively} give you a peek into the traditional customs of yesteryears, while currently serving as a common space for dining or lounging around.  Oh, and expect traditional cuisine of the area {with special hunting recipes, we hear}, made with fresh and seasonal produce. They even let you enjoy your hearty meal in the midst of the fields or beside the scenic lake, in case you have something more intimate in mind.

And they have a single rock cut pool near the Zanana, where we could happily spend many an evening relaxing and star-gazing.

The Country Life

If you’re looking for a true rustic experience, make sure you take a break from the dreamy idling and opt for some of the interesting activities at this heritage getaway. From local liquor tasting and goat herding to guided nature walks and vegetable harvesting; there’s quite a lot for you to take part in.

While you’re at it, we suggest you also go on their village tours, as well as the trip to the Raipur fort. Add barbeque and cocktails by the lake and the local musical performances to your list, too, while you’re here.


Keep an eye out for special offers or packages which are occasionally available on their website. Also, children below the age of 12 are not allowed due to the rocky terrain.

Where: Raipur Road {near Haripur Railway Station} Dist. Pali, Raipur, Rajasthan

Price: Starting at INR 13,500 {for a room}

Contact: 011 26494531

Check out their website here, and find them on Facebook here.

Featured image courtesy: Prayash Giria