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Lo & Behold, the World's Largest Hand-Painted, Animated GIF!

Editors posted on 28th January

Get this, Delhi. We struck gold when we discovered Street Artist INSA's {not his real name} Tumblr account, which he captions 'online meets offline.' Let's bring you up to speed real quick - he's essentially a street artist, or a 'GIF-iti' artist, who paints street walls, cars and anything else he can find, and converts them into animated GIFS. And he just upped the ante. To a whole new level.

With Ballantine's help, he enlisted the help of a team of 20, and used a satellite 431 miles away, to attempt to create the world's largest GIF. The artwork itself is inspired from one of his trademark designs- 'Looking for Love', which measures 57, 515 square metres, comprising four images, each of which measures 14,379 square metres. The actual artwork took six days, and was he successful? You can bet your favourite GIF he was.

So long, stories where GIFS are the mainstay; you just got owned.

Watch his genius: