Ten-Second Takeaway

Our perennial favourite, Lodi – the Garden Restaurant, celebrates turning 16 with a revamped menu by Chef Pallavi Mithika.

Chow Down

Kasundi Grilled Chicken Skewers, Jamun Sorbet

Sip On

Chai Sangria {they had me at ‘chai’}

Winning For

Relaxed ambience and a great vibe

Far From The Madding Crowd

280916_-garden-restaurantsA discreet escape in the centre of the city, Lodi – the Garden Restaurant is an idyllic space to unwind at. It’s nothing short of magic to be sitting under a jamun tree on a moonlit weeknight, with pebbles under your feet and mellow tunes to round off the experience. In such a setting, F&B is a bonus.

The sweet sixteen celebrations include an overhaul of the {aesthetically pleasing} menu by Chef Pallavi Mithika, who brings the focus to homegrown ingredients, fresh cheeses and lovingly-infused oils. We were invited to a night of wine and canapés, featuring delicious wine cocktails using No.3 Clive Road chai blends and an array of small bites.

Assorted Morsels

The Kasundi Grilled Chicken Skewers were table favourites {my nostalgic east-Indian palate being only one of three unanimous votes}, with the Tempura Sweet Chilli Shrimp taking second place. The tomato, olive and feta bruschetta offered a good bite of tangy freshness. On the underwhelming side were the cauliflower croquettes and spinach and feta cigars, but came with sassy tomato chutney and tzatziki accompaniments, respectively {jars of these are on sale at the deli; yay!}.

The evening ended sweetly with the baked cheesecake with toffee sauce and fresh fig and a short film on Lakshman Sagar, inspiring  some #holidaygoals.

So, We’re Saying…

Head over with your loved one{s}, listen to some fine indie tunes, and take a break from the hustle bustle.

Photos: Lodi The Garden Restaurant