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On the Right Track | Lost & Found by Gravy Train

Kartik posted on 15th November

By Kartik Mahajan

Gravy Train! One of the most fun and easy going bands in the city right now. They've performed at various venues across the country, from modeling contests and fashion shows, to atop a couple of hills up in Mussoorie, to big clubs in Mumbai. Tanya, Karan, Akshay and Bhairav, all seasoned musicians, have been parts of, and are still a part of various other bands in the city, and decided to come together and do some plain fun music.

A Gravy Train gig is like going back a few decades, when people actually got up to dance to music other than electronica. A vibe that is so carefree and so inclusive for everyone in the audience that it makes you want to go back and watch them again. Don't miss them when you hear of their next live gig. They are worth every minute you spend there and every rum and coke you enjoy with their music.

They have a new track out called Lost & Found and it's one for everyone to enjoy.

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