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    Ariel Yoga? Lotus Leggings Will Make You Feel Like The Little Mermaid

    Navni posted on 04 January

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    We know how much workout clothes matter. Sometimes those black and grey track pants can be so uninspiring. Enter Lotus Leggings with their colourful, metallic leggings in a wide range of patterns.

    Shiny, Happy {Mer}People

    We’re going to introduce to what put Lotus Legging on our radar first: The mermaid leggings. Adequately metallic, scaly and vibrant, these are bound to make your childhood mermaid dreams a reality {with a few alterations, of course}. You can get these in the “traditional” green or go for the chic black, blue or grey. We personally love the black ones.

    And if being a half fish half human isn’t on your to-do list, you can choose from an extensive range of leggings depicting Starry Night by Van Gogh, Chesire Cat, Enchanted Forest, King Of Hearts, striped leggings, animal print or even Mathematical leggings {for your inner geek}.

    On Top

    They also do a bunch of sports bras, which go perfectly with the leggings {it’s a match}. And in case you’re looking for clothes once you’ve achieved your post workout bikini bod, check out their mini dresses and yes, their bikinis {we’re loving all the quirk in this section}.

    Shop online here.

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