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Love Prints? Add These Hand-Painted Shoes To Your Collection

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    We came across The Hand Craft, an online website that has a wide collection of graphic printed shoes (that are hand painted!) in 90s cartoon prints, galaxy designs, and vibrant colours.

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you're somebody who likes to keep their shoe rack filled and full of quirky, colourful kicks, The Hand Craft is a great option to grab a hand painted pair that anybody can spot from a mile out. A friend also tells us that the quality of these shoes is pretty great.

    While they've got a wide range of designs–from Tom & Jerry and Shinchan prints to burger, fries, and pizza adorned slip-ons–we scoured their whole website to find our favourites. We came across a galaxy design in pink and blue that'd go great with anything white, a world map print for the jet setters, a pineapple print that basically looks cool with anything, and a Harry Potter print (one for the fandom!).

    They've also got some home decor, and bath and body products on their website along with personalised gadgets–the power bank diary looks handy.

    What Could Be Better

    We wish the prints were a bit more unique–currently, the collection has some prints that are somewhat overdone.


    The designs and prints in the men's, women's, and kids' section are more or less the same, so if you find something you like in the other section, you'll most likely find the same thing in the section relevant to you.

      Available Online