Madhya Pradesh Gets A White Tiger Safari

The area of Mukundpur, in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, recently witnessed something special. The state’s Chief Minister—Shivraj Singh Chouhan—inaugurated the world’s first ever White Tiger Safari” to much applause and celebration.

{PS: It’s definitely not the world’s first white tiger safari, as this article told us}.

The state’s Vindhya region has been famous for its striped felines for a long time, with the first one having been discovered over a 100 years ago. The one-of-a-kind safari cost the government INR 50 crore to set up, and is set to cover over 25 hectares of area.

Currently, the area is host to three white tigers and two Royal Bengal tigers, but plans exist for the safari to eventually house nine more white tigers, with plans to establish a white tiger breeding facility in nearby Govindgarh.

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