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A Month-Long Maggi Festival Has Kicked Off At Cafe 27

Rene posted on 10 March

What Is It?

If the title hasn’t given it away, it’s a teeny food festival at a pretty rooftop cafe that’s allowing us to eat different types of Maggi for a whole month.

Who Is It For?

Noodle nuts who can’t have enough of this mid-meal monster.

Whether you like it the way it is or enjoy a chinjabi/desi spin on this quintessential comfort food, you’ll find a version that’s right for you. 

Why Should I Go For It?

To relive the good times when exam stress and hostel night outs were strategically planned around Maggi.

Cafe 27 is evoking nostalgia with a menu that brings 12 – 15 varieties, including the likes of Keema Maggi, Butter Chicken Maggie, Schezwan Maggi, Chilli Maggie and lots more. The prices are a little steep starting at INR 149, but you won’t regret a plate when you’re on the terrace with wind in your hair and a shake in your hand. 

Anything Else?

The cafe also has a special INR 99 menu that has a host of starters like tikkas and shisha till 5pm every day. So, we suggest you be your stingy best and combine the Maggi date with the gang along with this ongoing offer.

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Casual Dining

Cafe 27

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locationKailash Colony

26, Level 2, Kailash Colony Market, Kailash Colony, New Delhi

Casual Dining
locationKailash Colony