Bookaboo Turns Your Child Into The Hero Of Their Own Story Book


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Bookaboo creates personalised story books for children where the protagonist of the story is named after the child.

The Joy Of Reading

We’re all constantly trying to peel away the little ones {and ourselves} from various screens and there’s no better way `to do this than to stick their nose into a book.

Bookaboo takes your child’s name and uses all the letters to make a story full of magical creatures. And your child is greeted with his/her full name at the end of the book.

So, We're Saying...

It’s obvious that kids will get excited by the prospect of a little animated boy/girl representing them going on adventures and meeting everything from mooses to mermaids to dragons {all depending on them letters}. We think it’s a great way to lure your kid into reading.

The cute illustrations and bright colours only help.

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Available Online