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Making a Wish | 10 Resolutions we Hope Delhi Goes Through With

Editors posted on 31st December

By Editors

Delhi's seen a tough year, to say the least. As women, we feel lucky to be alive, unharmed and ungroped. That said, we can see it trying, struggling and attempting to stay ahead of its burgeoning population, attempting to keep us safe, and give us streets to be proud of, and culture to participate in. As citizens, and women, the crew at LBB has made a list of resolutions on the city's behalf. We'll check back exactly one year from today, and even if two happened, we'll consider ourselves better off.

2014 is a wrap, Delhi, make us proud in 2015!

Women. Theres no better resolution to be made, and no better resolution to be followed through with. We sincerely hope women can live their lives however they see fit, wear whatever it is they want to, feel safe in their own city, and above all not be blamed for their misfortunes. Rally together women, we've managed bigger feats.

Pedestrians. Delhi is a vibrant, dynamic and mega interesting city; it would be god sent to be able to walk its streets, take in one's surroundings, and not have to brave traffic. We know we're being slightly unrealistic, but even if it just starts with pedestrian friendly pockets, that's one step in the right direction. Please use sun block.

Traffic. Every one of us can make this situation better; use lanes, use your indicator, don't just stop on the side, and get a ride when possible. That said, we believe some government intervention is necessary; BRT and MG Road, who's taking responsibility for you?

Patience. We're equally to blame in contributing towards anger, frustration and one too many mother-sister abuses on the streets. Whatever happened to our famous Indian hospitality? Seems like we only reserve it for people outside of our own. Calm down, take a breather and at least attempt to address with humanity if not love. If nothing else, a two hour traffic jam will be that much better if people around us are nice. And the abuses? Reserved for drunken nights with people we actually know won't take offense, or rape us.

Entitlement. We don't deserve anything more than the person next to us, and we'll tell ourselves repeatedly, until we believe it. Put it down to accident of birth, but if we are more fortunate than the people around us, we're trying humility, and not explaining  who our father or family is.

Disposal. Just because it's outside the four walls of our house, don't mean we've disposed of it properly. It's easy, and one extra step. We do wish people would start using trash cans. Think of it as a trend we could set; now we've got your attention.

Street lights. Especially for the good people in Gurgaon. We'd love to step out of our tall and shiny buildings and not deal with pitch darkness. Not just do we need better lighting for better safety, this small step can be a giant leap towards making us feel like there is a brighter tomorrow.

Better public transport within Gurgaon. Yes, we know the inner city metro is work in progress, and every time we inhale a pocketful of dust from all the construction, we remind ourselves that at least it's for a good cause. We just hope it happens. On time.

Queuing. Wouldn't it be nice if we formed a single file while waiting our turn, with a guaranteed inch and a half of space in between people, instead of looking like a crazy caterpillar on crack? It would be so nice. Get in line.

Air. We would like very much to get some fresh air, when we step out for fresh air. Runners, lovers, stressed-out working people, nervous brides, and everybody in between - we're a bit shortchanged when it comes to this good, clean basic. We're happy that the city is getting WiFi sorted, but without going all Unchained Melody on you, we've first got to get to our Air Supply.