Carry Your Blanket Where You Go: Cuddlz From Malako Is All You Need to Stay Warm This Season!

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What Makes It Awesome

How about we tell you that now you can carry your blanket, wherever you go? Cuddlz is this amazing collection from Malako that’s making our dreams come true with their cozy range of wearable blankets perfect for the season! We’re getting the chills already with the mercury dropping to 4 degrees & it’s going to get colder, people! So, we say just tuck into one of these blankets, take a respite from the freezing cold & warm up to the New Year’s! What we totes love about these blankets is the multitude of colors that they come in, making it not only our ‘snuggle-buddy’ but just the right thing to make our ‘gram pop with color too.

From those Netflix & chill sessions to your ‘late-night work stints’, these blankets are just what you need. We say ‘Rock Cuddlz’ for all your pyjama parties & winter sleepovers & cuddle up with your girl gang in style! We absolutely love the idea of warming up to a hot cuppa in these cuddle havens, perf for cold winter mornings! We can’t stop snuggling up with our blankets this season, & the best part is we don’t need to anymore! (wink, wink) These new-age blankets are taking us millennials by the breeze so fly away in your superhero capes with Malako!


We say stock up on these wonders till stocks last, since they’re selling like hot cakes! With the temperatures falling like never before, you won’t find a better time than now to soak into bliss with Malako blankets.