If you just can’t seem to get enough of mangoes this summer, head to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for their ‘Let’s Mango’ range of beverages and desserts. Scratch your mango itch by indulging in a chilled Mango Ice Blended drink or the Mango Iced Tea. But if, like us, what floats your boat is pure, intense mango indulgence with no distractions, pick the Frozen Mango.

Picking our favourite from the dessert range proved to be harder than we imagined, so we’re going to suggest starting with the Mad About Mango, a dark chocolate and mango cheesecake, and moving on to Fresh Mango Pastry, with its sponge cake, fresh mango and rich mascarpone cream layers. If you’re feeling a little health conscious, worry not because they have a mango muffin just for you!

Whatever you choose, make sure you indulge in mangoes like they’re going out of style, ahem season.

Where: all Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Outlets

When: until 30th June