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As Delhi goes to elections come Saturday, the 7th, in the spirit of a true democracy, the good folk at MapmyIndia have done their bit to make sure the process flows more seamlessly.

First off, may we just start by saying, the assumption is you’ll all go to vote. Since that’s our starting point, here’s how they’re helping. In a unique initiative to convenience, encourage and facilitate the citizens of Delhi to cast their vote, they’ve launched a mobile friendly web application, the MaymyIndia Polling Booth Locator. The locator is equipped with house-level data, which should enable you to conveniently locate a polling booth nearest you.

Citizens may search for their poll booth, using either details from their Voter ID, mother’s name, father’s name, husband’s name or¬†locality. The application will also enable you to see all the polling booths in a particular locality, along with the poll booth location and voter identity card number.

Find your name on the electoral role, and a polling booth nearest you, here. 

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