Ubtan Scrubs, Body Oils & More: You'll Love This Brand's Organic Products


Marigold is an online store that does personal care products with natural ingredients, are free from any chemicals, and are an easy solution to turning dull, neglected-looking skin or hair into its healthier version.

Great For

Almond Blush Face Scrub, Rejuvenating Ubtan Face Scrub, Lavender Body Oil

What Makes It Awesome

Marigold is the brainchild of two sisters, Aarti and Aditi, who grew up in a home surrounded by rare herbs, flowers and a kitchen garden. A childhood full of experimenting with such ingredients as well as Aarti’s cancer (which she's bravely survived) kickstarted the journey of this brand. 

Their products are like those secret,  'dadima-ke-nuske' style concoctions from the kitchen that work like magic. The range includes face packs, bath salts, hair packs and oils, body oils, sugar scrubs and soaps. Given the organic nature, the products are well-suited for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

They also have curated hampers, which make a kickass gifting option—just saying. 

What Could Be Better

Given how effective the products are, we wish they had shampoos and conditioners to offer as well.