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This New Place Does Matcha Waffles & Burgers Minus The Buns

Neha posted on 29 December


A recent entrant to Model Town, Joe & the Company is a cute, little takeaway joint that does both sweet and savoury waffles. Sitting in a corner in Derawal Nagar market, this pocket-friendly place is flooded with students walking in to satiate their dessert cravings.

Tell Me More

The menu at Joe & the Company is pretty exhaustive. They serve everything classic from Nutella, Brownie, Blueberry, Red Velvet, Banoffee, Oreo to Mango and more. The usual flavours apart, they do bubble waffles as well.

We tried their bubble Nutella Brownie Waffle and were essentially in heaven. It was huge, and loaded with brownie bits, Nutella, ice cream and chocolate chips. The waffle was crispy, and baked to perfection. They also infuse Belgian Chocolate in the batter and man, is it sinful! The menu was priced very reasonably, starting at INR 120.

If you’re not really sweet-toothed, they serve savoury waffles as well. We tried their Chicken Salami Waffle which had a fair amount of cheese, olives and chicken salami. Vegetarians can try their Pizza Waffle or Tandoori Paneer Waffle as well.

Joe is also experimenting with fries, and we’re not complaining. We tried their cheesy fries, and they were a sheer delight; a must-try for all cheese lovers. Their Chilly Garlic Fries are on our to-try list now. They are also planning to come up with sandwiches soon!

Must Have

What makes Joe unique is the fact that they have inculcated Matcha into their recipes. They serve Matcha Waffles as well, and they’re the bomb! It’s also topped generously whipped cream.

They also serve Matcha-infused drinks, which we tried and found very refreshing.

The Burger Waffle is another unique thing we found in the savoury section. Instead of buns, they use bubble waffles and it has lettuce, chicken, onion, olives and cheese for a filling. It tastes as good as it looks, and comes in a vegetarian variant as well.

Something to drink

Apart from Matcha-infused drinks, they do shakes, fresh juices, creamy juices, and cold-pressed juices as well.

So, we are saying

Before 2018 resolutions kick in, drop by with your waffle-lover friends and let us know which one do you like best. Happy Cheating!
P.S. They also deliver via Swiggy and Zomato

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Joe & The Company

locationGujranwala Town