Ten Second Takeaway

Escape the chaos of Sector 29 at Matchbox with a menu that doubles up as a book, a lively environ and very enjoyable finger food.

Chow Down

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Pops, Couscous Salad

Sip On

The Matchbox does some seriously good cocktails, so just ask the bartender for recommendations. We decided to surprise ourselves with the Bartender’s Lust, made from a  secret recipe.

You could also try the Road Runner – an exciting new take on our beloved Sangria, with the addition of Cointreau and lemon

Kickin’ It Old-School

A very chill vibe – with a juke box in a corner and a bar in full action – made us feel like this would be the perfect high school reunion venue.

Decision making has never been our strength, however, so the very expansive menu had us all tied up in knots. Nevertheless, with a little help from the chef and our instincts, we trudged on.

So Much Food, So Little Time

281016_keema-pao_matchboxWith a menu that runs into several pages, we were spoilt for choice and so we may have been just a little bit greedy when we ordered the Vegetarian Mezze Platter that serves up sampling portions of several hit numbers. Cunchy filo rolls, juicy grilled mushrooms and the creamiest baba ghanoush we have had in a while – this made for perfect bar sharing nibbling.

We also submitted to our need for porky pleasures and got a portion of the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Pops, which were as delicious as they sounded.

In the heartier sections of the enormous spread, we rediscovered old-fashioned flavours with a smoky sizzler that was surprisingly light, clean and loaded with bite-sized veggies.

We also could not resist Round 2 of the oink attack and are happy to report that the little hog won again – this time dressed up in a smooth BBQ sauce and paired with creamy mashed potatoes.

Given our current obsession for trying to balance a lot of the indulgent with a bit of the good, we also tried the chef-recommended couscous salad. Those fluffy pearls were tossed lovingly with fresh basil, pomegranate and almond bits and made for a great palate cleanser.

#LBBTip: Sip on the fancy cocktails right now – some fresh grains might be {micro} brewing here very soon! Watch this space for more on that.

Photos courtesy: Matchbox