You've Gotta Stay In This Gorgeous Cottage In Kumaon On Your Next Getaway


Red Brick Quarter

What Makes It Awesome

A getaway that takes five hours by train in the Shatabdi from Delhi and it will take you till Kathgodam, a cute little railway station in Kumaon. From there, a 30 kms or one-hour-long drive brings you to a beautiful hilly cottage called Red Brick Quarter. In the middle of the forest, yet close enough from the main road and markets, this home-stay is the perfect staycation spot for a group of friends or family. The cottage has an open plan layout with no doors or dedicated bedrooms, but ample beds to fit six to eight people. There is a caretaker to help you with your daily needs, food and other things as well. You have to see it to believe how awesome it is.

What's My Pro Tip?

The cottage is located a couple of steps upwards from the main road, which could be a two-minute cardio workout, but once you reach the place, be prepared to have your mind blown.

Anything Else?

For all lovers of architecture and design, this cottage has been conceptualised by Laurie Baker Building Centre, which promotes an eco-friendly and cost-effective building technique mostly through the use of exposed brick. You can check out more details here: