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Meet Mr. Yadav

Suchita posted on 21st October

As a people and as a city, we're known to be cold, cruel, rude and selfish.

We've overheard 'Yahaan pey sabko apni hi pari hai!' {everyone just cares about themselves here.}

'No one smiles at each other here.. unless it's in a letchy, gross way.' We complain.

'Talk to a stranger? God no! God knows where people come from these days.' We fear.

In the midst of all this madness, chaos and foreboding, there's one gentleman who sits calm, cool, collected and awesome. He has the most welcoming smile, an enigmatic demeanor, and a wave that could give Queen Elizabeth a run for her money.

You've probably seen him, you might have asked him for his name… and if you're Sonia Gandhi - Ma'am, he's awaiting your revisit to Amici in Khan Market.

Meet Mr. M.D. Yadav.

Introduction & interview by Suchita S.

Videographer: Ankur Kapoor