Meaty Madness with Meat4U Delivery Service


Gurgaon gets another home delivery food service in Meat4U. The catch? They only serve mutton!

A unique service

We saw a photo of Meat4U on Instagram, a meat-only delivery chef service, and were immediately interested. Mutton only? We wondered how big their menu could really be. After spending some time trolling the internet we realised they don’t have a website and are a small operation.

Mutton mania

Luckily, we found a review by the good folks at Gurgaon Foodie that was quite extensive. The author tried a variety of sample dishes and seemed to enjoy the owner’s family recipe of Mutton Mahamaari {green chillies and onion base} and the Keema Kaleji. Personally we liked the look of the Laal Maas and Mutton Nihari, but then again we love most things spicy. The mutton is of good quality, and all is well cooked.

Great for groups

Portions come in small, medium and large, serving two, four and eight people respectively. While the prices are a little steep, those of a sit-down restaurant; this is offset by the relatively large portions.

Meat4U seems a good bet to order if you’re having a large group over and don’t have time to prepare a meal.

Keep in mind

They don’t serve any bread, but it can be made at a price and on request. All dishes take a while to prepare so try and give them your order in advance. Delivery charges in Gurgaon can be INR 100, if you live in a far off sector {give them a call and find out!}.