We can now look forward to one cool thing this summer. 

IBNLive reported back in Feb that the Delhi Cabinet “has recently approved a proposal to carry out vacuum cleaning of roads, aimed at bringing down the level of dust kicked up during sanitation routines that contribute a lot to air pollution.”

The decision was made mainly because manual cleaning is allegedly spiking pollution levels—fine particles are suspended for quite a while—and this will help reduce that.

Well, it’s started now. Hindustan Times reports that the bald patches on the city’s roads will be covered with greenery {think shrubs and trees} and transformed into green spots to control pollution. All in all, around 120 acres of roadside areas will get pollution-absorbing trees and plants. Vaccum cleaning has also begun on the roads, and will allegedly remove even the finest of particles like PM10 and 2.5.

Well, we’re all for a healthier city to live in this year. Are you too?

Read the full report by IBNLive here and by The Hindustan Times here. 

Featured image courtesy: Sarang Gupta