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Meet the Delhiwaala | The Young Lovers

Shriyam posted on 15th November

Interview & photography by Shriyam Gupta


Ajay | 19, Student

Shivranjani | 18, Student

Are you guys from Delhi?

A | I am from Ludhiana, Punjab

S | I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan

What is the one difference between Ludhiana and Delhi?

A | It's not as strict as Delhi, and religion does not play as much of a part as it does in Ludhiana.

Besides the heat, what is similar between Delhi and Jaipur?

S | Nothing. There is nothing similar at all. It's coming up and stuff but it's so much quieter. There is place to walk on the pavement. And in Delhi, oh yeah…

How long have you been together?

3 months

Where will we find you in Delhi?

A | North Campus

S | Generally, at a friend's place or like kamla nagar.

Which is your favorite place in Delhi?

Hauz Khas Village.

Do you guys go there often?

S | Ya. There is a nice bakery like thing. That’s awesome.

What is the best thing you like about the city?

A | Maybe the diversity of people.

S | I like all the historical monuments and visit them… go chill there.

Have you been to any of them?

S | I have been to Humanyun’s tomb and Hauz Khas.

If you both had to come to consensus and change one thing about Delhi what would it be?

A | Temperature.

S | Come on, no. People. There are too many people. You need more space.

A | But that’s the problem with the country.

S | I don’t care. We need more space here.

Do you guys like politics?

A | Naaa

S | Yaa

Would you vote for Ajay if he stood for elections?

S | No

Would you vote for her?

A | No

What is one thing you love about him?

S | He is really sarcastic and nasty about people. And you don’t see that much around here. So that reminds me of my friends back in school. And funny.

What is one thing you like about her?

A | She is smart but you can’t really tell. So you have to figure it out.