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Men in the Kitchen: For Mughlai Food in Dwarka

Kasturi posted on 2nd November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Newly opened in Dwarka, Men in the Kitchen {MITK} is a sit-down, family-style restaurant that serves up Mughlai fare.


Dahi Dudhi Kabab


Nirvana {pineapple and orange juice with ice-cream}


Decor and rich food


A family restaurant that could easily double up as a space to have a laid back dinner for two, Men in the Kitchen is a work-in-progress to provide the best of Mughlai fare that you can find in that part of town. Though we recommend MITK for the Mughlai, they are known to churn out oriental cuisine as well.

Gourd enough

We hear the chefs are flown in from the city of nawabs, Lucknow. We loved the Dahi Dudhi Kabab {grated bottle gourd mixed with curd and presented cutlet-style}. You can also pick and choose from the plethora of Shorba and Sabzi options if you’re vegetarian. And here’s a tip: Ask for their house-special relish {hint: it involves gourd}.

Kheer and comfort

They have a hoard of different kebabs, like the yummy Zaitooni Murgh Burra, and portions are large enough for two. Skip the Amritsari Fish if excess oil puts you off, and the Tadka Dahi Handi {hung curd tempered with curry leaves} is only for those who don’t mind the acidic factor. That said, end on a sweet note with their Khoya Kheer.

Where: 1st Floor, Plot 1, Krishna Tower 2, Pocket 7, Sector 12, Dwarka

Nearest Metro Station: Sector 12

Price: INR 850 for two {approx.}

Timings: 11.30am – 11pm

Contact:  +91 9999631234

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Men In The Kitchen

Casual Dining

1st Floor, Krishna Tower 2, Plot 1, Pocket 7, Sector 12, Dwarka, New Delhi

Men In The Kitchen

Casual Dining