#NotTheUsualSuspects: 5 Top Of The Line Home Appliances You Needed Y’day!

Shruti posted on 23 October

It’s that time of the year when we want to bring that festive cheer with a glam redo – after all, we don’t want our pads looking all dull and drab. So spruce up your homes and get prepped to host guests for those perfectly lit times.

No Baggage Needed For Cosy Nooks

Get artsy with trinkets and fairy lights, or add a desi touch with ethnic style lamp shades to brighten up your favourite corners. They’re perfect for an earthy vibe without getting too overwhelming. And how can the decor makeover begin without a cleanup of the entire space? You’ll surely want to own Miele’s Bagless Vacuum Cleaners for cleaning the toughest spots with speed that goes up to 100 KM/hour (Vortex technology FTW)! The compact design fits all accessories inside and you don’t need to change dust bags or air filters.

Wardrobe Woes Out

This season is all about statement ensembles. Steer clear from the usual bling and slay in vibrant shades and chic lehengas. And here’s our secret to make sure your gorgeous set stands out. Get this designers approved amazing iron system for smoothly ironing away the creases. Its patented display and honeycomb soleplate technology is just perfect to ensure your outfit looks absolutely prim and proper, whether it be an expensive georgette set (for which you almost broke the bank) or the royal Kanjivaram saris.

Up Your Linen Collection

Time to revamp your home with pastel or dark shades (your call) in curtains and sheets. And if a complete redo is not on your mind, the easiest way to go about it is with laundered, spick and span linen. Bring out your expensive linens and flaunt them without a worry. Miele’s front loading washing machines have an automatic dispensing 2-phase system that will take care of your laundry worries without robbing the fabric of its richness. They’re also known to consume the least amount of water possible.

Stock That Fridge

You know the guests never stop pouring in at home, so it’s essential to keep the our refrigerators full with all of ‘em munchies and drinks. And you don’t have to worry about those sob frost stories - load your fridge with the meats, the purees and the ice cream buckets for the (almost expectant) surprise guests. Make it easier with Miele’s Freestanding Freezer for no icing up of food and the adaptable freezer space in case you’re hoarding lots.

Bartending In Style

Make the celebrations boozy and treat your friends to some fancy wines and cocktails at home. We found a gem to show off your collection to guests in the coolest looking SommelierSet - the unit is bound to be part of your prized connoisseur set for all the pretty wine bottles. It’s got space for chilling glasses, preparing wine for decanting and conditioning open bottles to perfection. Sounds amazing, right?

So, We’re Saying...

Brighten things up this festive season with decorative pieces and owning some really trendy technology at home. Set up the perfect vibes at home with all that you can shop this time around. 

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