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Make A Mini Garden & Eat Your Way Through This Workshop At Lodi

Navni posted on 4th May

What Is It?

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant has something fun planned for us this weekend. They’ve tied up with the good peeps at Miniature Haven and are hosting a miniature garden-making workshop.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who’s looking to test their green thumb or pick up a new hobby for the summer. The workshop will be led by Miniature Haven; all participants will be given a kit comprising a decorative ceramic pot, miniature plants, miniature garden accessories, patio work material, gloves and other necessary items.

Why Should I Go For It?

All of you who grew up on Enid Blyton and fantasised about those elaborate doll houses, this is your chance to make a little bit of that come true.

They promise a therapeutic and creative experience. You can unleash all that pent-up energy and make the cutesy garden your home deserves, complete with little pebbles, little ponds, patios, mushrooms, bugs and benches and maybe even a tiny lil’ red bicycle.

Anything Else?

You won’t be going back empty-handed or empty-tummied. Lodi has curated a special three-course menu for the event including a mocktail, a starter, main course and of course, dessert.

When: May 7; 11.30am – 1.30pm

Where: Lodi- The Garden Restaurant

Price: INR 3,000 per person {this includes a three-course meal}

Buy tickets online here. Find out more here.

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Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

Lodhi Road
Fine Dining