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Bake Me

    M&M Brownies, Anyone? Lazy Chefs, Recreate Your Fave Cooking Videos With These Baking Kits

    Maanya posted on 28 November


    BakeMe sends kid-friendly baking kits to your home, complete with ingredients, tools and recipes, so you can spend Sunday whipping up a storm with your li’l chefling.

    Whisk Without Risk

    Licking the batter, anxiously watching the cake rise and cutting a big slice for everyone in the family – there’s lots of joy in baking a cake and eating it too. Bake Me, an online venture, makes it a little bit easier to make this happen, by sending high-quality ingredients, whisks, gloves and any other equipment you might require for an afternoon of brownie-making with your budding pastry chef.

    Vanilla shortbread, brownies, cake pops and chocolate cupcakes – the recipes have been curated by a chef, the ingredients are always hand-picked and completely safe for children and the difficulty level is set to easy.

    What We Loved

    Not only do they send everything you need to bake a cake, BakeMe also throws in some colourful sprinkles, cupcake toppers, sugar animals and pretty flowers – decorating is obviously the most fun part of the whole process!

    Sold? Here’s how this works – you can go the subscription box way and choose between their 3, 6 and 12-month plans {starting at INR 4,400} or order individual boxes. The mini kits {with ingredients and a recipe leaflet} start at INR 599, while the bigger kits start at INR 1,499.

    So, We're Saying...

    You don’t need to fake it till you make it – BakeMe’s boxes promise yummy dessert, made at home, for the whole family to enjoy. As an added bonus, you might be opening the box on the possibility of a cool career, for your child.

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