This one’s for you, herbivores. Tashte {no they’re not trying to say ‘taste’ in an exaggerated Indian accent, but referring to the Irish word ‘tashte,’ which is roughly translated to cool, classy, brilliant} in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, has come up with a super exciting all-vegetarian menu. The focus here is pizza, but a rather desi take on the same. Where we see the entire city going thin-crust, Tashte sticks to the regular fluffy base we’ve all grown up on.

Forget the regular American corn and capsicum toppings; think button mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, fresh broccoli, tandoori paneer, beetroot, and zucchini, all in sync with the yummiest, spiciest sauces including pesto, tomato concasse, and ratatouille sauce. Their signature is undoubtedly the pizza containing mock meat from New Zealand and Holland – this is made from 100% plant compounds and healthy oils: the Fire Rocket Chicken and Tangy Seekh Kebab are perhaps the most popular of the lot.

There’s also a bunch of sides including pasta, salad, calzones and of course, garlic bread sticks. They also have a ton of offers, including value-for-money pizza-Coke-pasta combos. Although they don’t have a dessert section as such, they do offer full cakes including Truffle, Pineapple, Black Forest and even a Blueberry. If it’s your birthday, they go out of their way to be super nice to you with lots of discounts, cake and pictures.

Whether you’re a strict Vegetarian or a carnivore, we’re all for getting a little taste of Tashte.

Where: 243, SP Infocity, Udyog Vihar 1, Gurgaon

Nearest metro station: Udyog Vihar

Contact: +91-9711001177

Price for two: INR 300 {approx.}

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