They say give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Well, those shoes for us were comfy sneakers and the world we chose to conquer – Modern Bazaar.

Yep, we take much pride in being supermarket snobs; regular departmental stores just don’t cut it for us. So we set out to Modern Bazaar, hoping to change the monotony that had taken over our kitchen. And boy, did we come back successful.

Check out the cool things we got, all of which were under INR 1,000!

Ready-To-Eat Gnocchi


Photo: Ipsita Nayak/LBB

Price:  INR 325

Primula Easy Squeezy Original Cheese Paste


Photo: Ipsita Nayak/LBB

Price:  INR 500

Arizona Half & Half Iced Tea


Photo: Ipsita Nayak/LBB

Price:  INR 200 each

Terra Real Vegetable Chips


Photo: Ipsita Nayak/LBB

Price:  INR 395

Dr. Stuart’s Collection Of Calming Teas


Photo: Ipsita Nayak/LBB

Price:  INR 375

Jack Daniels Barbeque Sauce & Glaze


Photo: Ipsita Nayak/LBB

Price:  INR 600

Quack The Ice – Ice Cube Trays


Photo: Maanya Sachdeva/LBB

Price:  INR 890

Bon Homia Artisan Coffee – Chocolate Flavoured


Photo: Maanya Sachdeva/LBB

Price:  INR 250

Featured photo: Anand Mohapatra/LBB