It may feel as though a lot has happened in 2015, but what went down exactly? We’ve narrowed down the city’s biggest moments, in no particular order.

We Called It Magic

chris-martin_640x480_51435805412If you guessed Chris Martin’s impromptu jam, you’re right. We can say with much certainty this was the biggest ‘holy moly’ moment of the year. For those of you who happened to be there, more power to you and for those who weren’t, take a moment to relive it and shed another tear {or waterfall?}.

Burrito Bells

taco_bell_delhiWe welcomed a lot of big food names to home turf this year- Carl’s Jr, Wendy’s, Fatty Bao being a few of them, but the biggest one had to be Taco Bell. We had the buns, but we needed a few hard shells and tortillas. And cheese? In abundance. Hello, drunk bingeing.

Terrific Tableware

Stationery and ArtIt was the middle of the year and we were struggling to keep going, midst the heat and the rain. Respite? Came in the form of The Stationery and Art Material Fair at Pragati Maidan. Remember the first time you walked into a candy store and stood frozen in awe? Yep, that’s how we felt about the boatload of stationery we could acquire for our tables. Whether we used it or not is a different matter altogether.

Momos, Momos Everywhere

momo_festival_gobuzzinga-05Who would’ve thought a little bit of meat or veg rolled in a sheet of flour could bring so many people so much joy? Dilliwaalas can’t get enough of them momos, and Go Buzzinga decided to make everyone’s dreams come true with their Yeh Dil Maange Momos festival. Was it chaotic? Yes. Was it worth it? You tell us.

The Real Reel Story

Every year has its sombre moments too, and we had a big one when BBC released ‘India’s Daughter’ on Youtube. You can no longer see the video because it’s been removed, but we can all agree it got us thinking. Is there change on the horizon? Let’s hope so.

Metro Tales and Fails

Ever wondered what the women’s compartment in the metro is like? Or perhaps you know, but have never really observed it? We had an ahaa! moment when this stellar piece of writing opened our eyes. Intrigued? Check it out here.

Food Coma

Old Delhi Eateries_Ramzan_Aslam ChickenWhile we never denied the relevance of Old Delhi in our city’s food culture, this year made us stop a little more, take notice and once the eating started, it’s fair to say it didn’t stop. Our favourite? These eateries. Best during Eid, good all through the year.

Fit For the Gods

Asian Hawkers MarketWe’re talking about food again, but can you really blame us? Palate Fest came around for the second time and Select CITYWALK brought to us the Asian Hawkers Market with a variety that was mind boggling. There was also Grub Fest, Street Food Festival and a whole bunch more. We’re surprised we’ve come out of this without moving the needle on the weighing scale too much.

 Here’s hoping 2016 is just a fulfilling and just as full of, well, food.