Don’t expect Simon Cowell, but expect this. Monkey Bar is hosting a karaoke sing-off so to speak, which means someone will actually take you seriously at a karaoke night. Even if you sing Summer of’69.

The first edition of Monkey’s Got Talent kicks off on the 29th of May at their Connaught Place outlet. They’ll give you the mic, equipment and liquid courage, and you, you have to bring the talent. Expect it to be a legit set up, complete with a judging panel including Ashwani Verma¬†{second drummer of Euphoria}. You will be judged on your performance, voice and originality, so re think that outfit. As for what the prizes are, if you land first position, you ¬†get to record your track as well go to the Monkey Hall of Fame. Best singer runner-up and entertainer all get Bose Audio speakers as trophies. Score.

Registrations start at 6pm, so show up as early as you can, since they only have 30 spots. You can pick your tune from their selection, and it can be pop, rock, R&B or straight up rap. Do it!

When: 29th May, 6pm

Where: Monkey Bar, P-3/90, Connaught Circus {Opposite PVR Rivoli}