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Celebrate Your Love For Tacos At Monkey Bar's Ongoing Festival

Maanya posted on 23 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Monkey Bar's Taco Libre festival sets your Mexican spirit animal free with some delish new tacos, lots of good music and maybe a round of tequila shots.

Chow Down

Beer Can Chicken Taco. Fried Fish Taco

You Taco-ing To Me?

We're suckers for a good taco and Monkey Bar's special menu is full of them. They offer 12-13 different kinds {there's even a special dessert taco, but more on that later} and we were definitely spoiled for choice.

The serving sizes are small {two tacos to a plate} which worked out well because we could sample a whole bunch of them - tacos make us greedy, what can we say?

A Taco A Day

221116_monkey-bar-delhi2Might not keep the doctor away, but a plate of them makes for fun Saturday night munching. Pair them with a tequila-based cocktail or, if you're feeling less adventurous, a pitcher of Sangria.

We started with the Beer Can Chicken Tacos and, true to the name, the chicken was marinated INSIDE a beer can. The result? A flavourful taco, stuffed with super moist, boozy chicken, jalapeno hot sauce, sweet peppers and crumpled bits of cottage cheese. This one was a winner, as most chicken dinners are.

We loved their Fried Fish Tacos, as well - they're a wonderful spin on the traditional Fried Fish, we just wished that there were more than two of these. Their veggie options are limited - a Mushroom Bean and Corn Taco and a Pulled Jackfruit Taco - but yummy.

What Else?

If you prefer your tacos served in a hard shell {the ones at Monkey Bar are served in a soft shell by default}, you can ask them to make the switch for an additional INR 50. The tacos are all reasonably priced, never exceeding INR 230.

The only dessert on this taco-only menu is a Banoffee Taco - heaps of caramelised banana, whipped cream, crunchy toffee are wrapped into a soft pancake 'shell' - and it was the perfect end to our meal.

So We're Thinking…

If you're in the mood for a chill Saturday night {and tacos!}, we suggest stopping by for the Taco Libre festival. It makes for a nice change from regular HKV nights and the music is just as good!

Photos source: Monkey Bar Delhi

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