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    Dineout Celebrates The First Ever Month-Long Beer Festival With Up To 40% Discounts!

    Nikita posted on 08 August

    What Is It?

    A month-long fiesta with beer flowing your way and best deals on beer menus at high-end cafes and restaurants. Dineout has taken things a step further and come up with a happy month {forget happy hours}.

    Why Should I Go For This?

    Because with a brewery tour, a beer bath, a beer chugging  competition and some beer cocktails by ace mixologist Sidharth Behera {Brewlicious events coming your way}, it might get tough to resist this one. Apart from these exclusive events, they’re offering up to 40 per cent discounts plus 20 per cent cashback, courtesy Dineout Smartpay. These special offers are on premium beers across 49 hand-picked cafes including Lord of the Drinks, Hot Mess, Warehouse Café, Boombox Brewstreet, Café Public Connection, The Sky High and many more across the city. Get ready for the incoming buzzing Friyays!

    Who Is It For?

    If your favourite poison is beer, you’re going to love this. Not only do you get to drink beer but also learn to cook a full-fledged three-course-meal with it. We’re getting real cheap thrills because the deal is on premium beer brands across the city {shoutout to all those who like to pre-drink and head to a café because that’s not needed this month}. And hey, don’t forget beer belly is a myth!

    For a complete list of restaurants and cafes, click here.

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