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The LBB Crew's Mothers Weigh in: Delhi's Best Kept Secrets

Rashi posted on 07 May

On the precipice of Mother's Day, we decided to ask the mataharis, matriarchs, source of all our knowledge - our mothers - for their opinions. As born and bred Delhi women, half of what we know, are loyal to, and continue to use {even though times have changed}, are a function of what has been passed down. Shoes broke, zips broke, bags stained, clothes torn, clothes dirty… you know who fixed it? Your mother. We turned the tables, opened up the floor to them, and asked them for the one best service in Delhi they swear by. PS: Some of these have consistently delivered over the last 15 years. Damn right. Also, Mama knows best, so this list is worth bookmarking.

Kim Bros in Jorbagh for a Leather Upkeep

Essentially a shoe store {and iconic at that}, the owner, besides handcrafting his own shoes, specializes in mending leather products. Anyone who owns genuine leather will know the importance and difficulty of good upkeep. With over 30 years of experience with the material, Kim Brothers needs to be bookmarked for any and every repair, polish, or just good old restoration. PS: He's used to working with Louboutins, LV's, Tods and other high end luxury brands, so don't be scared. Mama told us.

Where: 13/3, Jor Bagh Colony Road, Jor Bagh; Contact: 01124645174


Guys and Dolls for a Mean Alteration 

So many of our childhood memories are tied up in accompanying our mothers to the tailors. How was there always something to alter? Designers may come and go, but Guys and Dolls and their repertoire of tailors have stood the test of time. They alter just about anything {trousers, jeans, blazers, Indian rig outs, sari blouses}, and do a damn good job. If you're having something made from scratch, mama says always give a sample; although they'll manage a basic design excellently. She also says they're a bit pricey, but worth it.

Where:  M-27 Gk-1; Contact: 01129234542

Wrapping Paper from Arjun Market in Gurgaon

We know mama taught you how to perfectly fold those edges, especially right before a birthday party, when all you wanted to do was rip open the present. Hand made paper is usually pricey, and can go up to INR 100 a sheet, but trust mama to find a thrifty alternative. The Arjun Market stationery shop in Gurgaon does gorgeous sheets of paper with embossed bits of design, at just INR 10/sheet. Since we're hoping the present is where the value is at.

Butter Soft Kulchas from Supreme Bakery 

Mama always did our birthday parties right, and you know what always always worked on the menu… The channa kulchas. Without disclosing our age, know this, she's been going here for fresh, soft kulchas ever since. We promise it's been a sizable few years.

Where: 17, Sector 8 Market, R K Puram; Contact: 01126187237


Palmolive Charmis Cold Cream

For all the women, how many memories do you have raiding your mother's dressing table? And now, she's raiding ours. All them big beauty giants may have shown up, but mama says there's nothing like good old Charmis cream for dry skin, and cracked lips. We'll believe her, she looks radiant; or maybe we're biased. Mama also challenges you to find a cream equally good and at the same price.

Where: At your local supermarket

Excellence Parlor for Superior Beauty Treatments

Think of this as the friendly neighborhood parlor; small, non descript and enough room to change just your mind. Mama insists it beats the fancier big chains hollow, because they take excellent care of you, including milk on your body after a wax, chocolate and wine in your pedicures and bread on your face - all as part of beauty treatments, it's not a food fight.

Where: 13, Gulmohar Park; Contact: 01126963090

Bread from Le Marche

Mama takes her role as bread winner seriously, and swears by the selection at Le Marche. She advises you make a trip before noon to ensure you get the freshest picks. She also says don't hesitate to create a scene if the bread seems stale, they're happy to replace it. While you're there, buy yourself a chocolate truffle pastry from the Sugar and Spice corner {Khan Market}; they're the best.

Where: Shop No. 59-A, Khan Market; Contact: 01124640741


Parsi Dairy Kulfi in Delhi

Mothers are hooked up, and word spreads like wildfire when you're in the mother community. Mama tracked down the only Parsi Dairy Kulfi vendor in Delhi, which used to be sold on the sly, and is since publicly available. Head to Godrej Nature's Basket to lay your hands on some for yourself; mama says there's no Kulfi quite like this one.

Where: Find a store nearest you, and shop online, here.

Maharaj Ji Caterers for Vegetarian, Rajasthani and Punjabi Food

When mama wants the night off, she swears by his catering services, especially since one of our houses is strictly vegetarian, and he gets it. They're super flexible with the menu, will work around your dietary preferences, and will make it as authentic as can be. Mama says she likes them best because they take care of everything from the food to the service, and will cater just a small intimate dinner  just as well as a giant soiree.

Contact: 9818124112

Kamini Aunty for Hair Care and Hair Loss

Mama loves to play with our hair, and she says it'll be tragic if there's nothing left to play with. Gone are the days of night time oiling sessions; she has found us a replacement. It's Kamini Aunty and her herbal packs, shampoos and conditioners, for any and every hair woe, including hair loss, dandruff and overall hair care.

Where: A 2/88, Safdurjung Enclave, Second Floor; Contact: 011 26173702

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