Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Cherie are hosting winter movie nights every Tuesday at the restaurant’s al fresco space. Expect the best of Italian cinema, ambience fit for a romantic date night and of course, a delicious European menu.

Whats the scene?

Walking through to Cherie’s al fresco dining space can seem like entering a different dimension. Fairy lights splay out in a web, hanging from a central pole, and a huge 10×8 screen greets you as you walk to one of the open-air tables. A bottle of Peroni and a complimentary bag of popcorn await you at your table,  as you settle in and wait for the movie.

Whats the mood?

Peroni have been hosting Cinema Peroni at the Italian Film Festival in Australia, as well as in a variety of locations around the island-nation, so bringing the property to India is a big win for cinema nerds {like us}. With a large screen, gorgeous seating and delicious beer and popcorn {what movie is complete without some popcorn?} Cherie’s Cinema Peroni nights are a must visit for a film enthusiasts.

When: Every Tuesday thereafter

Where: One Qutub, 1501, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli

Nearest Metro Station: Chattarpur

Contact: +91 8800480048, +91 8130891003

Price: INR 350 for registration. Sign up for the event here.

 Check out the event on Facebook here. Find Cherie on Instagram here.