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#LBBEvent! Moonlit Movie Night at Fio Country Kitchen

Ipsita posted on 7th October

If a movie date is what you’ve been planning, look no further. Fio Country Kitchen and LBB are here to take you out of those noisy halls, and place you right under the moon and the stars.

The cinematic outdoors

Sure, movie halls have their comforts {oh, those lounge chairs and comfy blankets}, but when you have the opportunity to watch a film in a beautiful garden full of acacias, bamboos, and frangipanis, you’d be crazy to let it go. There’ll be benches, high chairs, and comfy mattresses laid out under the trees, so you can catch a movie under a sky lit up by fairy lights, lamps, and the stars!

There'll be short independent rom-com films for you to watch {perfect to match the setting}, the line-up of which has been put together by Shamiana, Asia’s largest short film club. They’ve included some of the best short films in the indie-film circuit for this moonlit screening. Here's a preview for you to check out:

Muftnosh {10 minutes}
This is a short film about the different kinds of freeloaders every cigarette smoker encounters! It’s a popular pick too, especially due to the interesting storyline.

Khattara  {20 minutes}
Being screened for the very first time in Delhi, this is a short film about a guy and his love for a battered, old car.

Border Patrol {15 minutes}
An Oscar winning film, Border Patrol is a dark comedy about two border police personnel.

How to Mess Up in Love {10 minutes}

If you want the movie night to go one for longer, you can watch this short film about…well, how to mess up in love.

Sips & nibbles

It's not just about the movies, though. With BIRA as the alcohol sponsor for the night, the first beer {plus appetisers} will be on the house. One beer not enough for you? Make use of the 1+1 deals on BIRA and the cocktail menu created by Fio. There'll also be a special menu themed around the movies, so your movie night can extend into a lovely dinner, with no need for a change in setting.

When: 16th October, 7.30pm

Where: Fio Country Kitchen & Bar, Garden Of Five Senses, Saidulajab, Saket

Price: INR 350 {inclusive of a complimentary beer and nibbles}

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