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Movies At Woodpecker Film Festival Might Keep You Awake At Night

Rene posted on 14 September

What Is It?

Woodpecker Film Festival was conceived with the intention of bringing film and documentary makers of meaningful cinema into focus.

In its fourth edition this year, it will offer four full days of movie watching {Sept 15-18} at Siri Fort Auditorium, with a list of short films, documentaries and feature films from across the globe.

Who Is It For?

Bleeding hearts. Those with a conscience. Thinkers, people with a point of view and those who don’t see films for mindless entertainment.

There are also workshops and seminars for eager storytellers who are looking to hone their film-making skills and get better insight by networking with the right people.

Why Should I Go For It?

While sadly there are way too many causes at the societal, national and environmental level that are dying for solutions, let’s not be cynical about whatever efforts are being made. Also, we think there are bigger issues in life than a broken stiletto heel.

Politics of gender, women empowerment, living with disabilities, environmental conservation and issues around public health are some areas the films will touch upon.

You can check the complete schedule here to see how the platform is ripe with talented filmmakers going all out to make a point.

Anything Else?

When you walk out of Siri Fort {your head full of ideas and heart tinged with grief}, you can seek solace in aloo chaat and desi burgers from the street vendor who sits close to the parking lot. There's a reason emotional eating is a thing, you see.

Featured photo source: Woodpecker International Film Festival

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