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Moving Cities? These 5 Apps Will Make Sure That The Shifting Process Is Super Smooth

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Moving homes is never easy. Apart from finding the perfect home, there are some many other things that need to be taken care of. To make the process a little less daunting, we zeroed down on apps that will save the day. Whether you’re a bachelor looking for a shared apartment or a family searching for a full home, these apps will be a saviour.


Let’s kick off with finding the perfect home. This app comes with filters that ensure you get the house you want. Choose from furnished or unfurnished, a studio or a 2bhk and find all these options in the locality you like, and well within your budget. These filters will customise your search and you’ll be able to schedule a visit beforehand to check out the space and then book the house. With no brokers involved, there is zero brokerage and you pay only 2 months of rent as a security deposit! Besides, Nestaway also provides on-demand home maintenance services throughout the tenure of your stay. Get the app here.


New homes demand a new look. But how do you know what will work? Houzz app to the rescue. You can click a picture of the room you are redecorating and use the app to see what it would look like with the decor ideas available in the app. They also connect you with professionals who can help with easy tips and tricks for that big makeover. There is more info on this here.


One thing that you miss the most when you move to a new place is a hearty home-cooked meal. To make sure that you’re not reaching out to junk simply because you don’t have an option, we found you WatsCooking. It’s an app where you will find home cooks and bakers across cities to deliver the best home-cooked meal at your doorstep. Problem solved. And, if you are done ordering but can’t cook to save your life, they can send someone to your home to teach you the basics. Check it out here.



icon-placeAvailable Online

Not sure how long you’re going to be in that rented space? Then you know that it’s not wise to block all that money into furniture. Also, why buy when you can rent everything, right? Go on Rentomojo and you can rent any and all kinds of furniture, appliances and even bikes on monthly basis. So, at a decent price, you can literally redecorate your home every 6 months! Here are all the details.

LBB aka Little Black Book

We are not tooting our own horn here but this is one app you will need every time you move somewhere new. The recommendations platform will help you get acquainted with everything around including places to shop at, food to eat, events that you will love to attend… In short, everything that will make you comfortable in a strange place. It’s available for download here.

#LBBTip: There are some city-specific apps like Dunzo, Meratasker and Taskbob that exist for your daily jobs. So they will help you get your grocery, pick-up and/or drop off things that are important and more. These apps act like your assistants and they are of big help on moving days.

There are tonnes of other apps and websites that you can look at but these 5 make it to the top of our list. Download these and your moving will be hassle-free, smooth and efficient.