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November is almost here! Or shall we say Movember is almost here?

LBB and Team Jameson are getting involved in the Movember movement, and we’re calling out to all our readers to join us!

What is Movember?

A global movement that started as a conversation between mates back in 2003 in Australia, the movement today runs campaigns in 21 countries. The idea is simply to start a conversation, and in turn raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The movement encourages, or challenges, men to grow their moustaches over the month of Movember, to show solidarity and support for the cause. These men then become what they call ‘walking-talking ambassadors’ for the cause. You can read more about the cause and its global reach here.

What we’re doing

LBB has roped in gentlemen from all walks of life, from around the Capital, who’re all set to shave the date. Come first of November, the gentlemen in question will shave their facial hair, and dedicate the month of November to growing their moustache from scratch. Follow them as they keep us updated on their moustache progress over the course of the month. Watch our social media for more!

Get Involved

Gentleman in Dilli and Gurgaon! It is time to get involved and spread the message, and it’s super easy and fun to do so! To donate to the cause, click here. If you spot a cool moustache, take a picture and upload it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, #movemberdelhi. If you’re game to shave the date and share your Movember journey with other Dilli and Gurgaonwaalas, follow these simple steps:

Take a picture of you with all your current facial hair

On the first of November, shave your facial hair and take another picture

Upload the two images on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, #movemberdelhi

Over the course of Movember, keep us and our readers updated with fun images of your growing moustache

Ladies, Support your {and all other} men!

No it’s not about growing moustaches for you! But get active nevertheless. Encourage the men in your life to grow a moustache, play official photographer to track their progress, or get in those pictures with them {#movemberdelhi}; there could be no better reason for a selfie.

Here’s where and how you can tag us!

Facebook:    LittleBlackBookDelhi and Jameson.india
Instagram:  @littleblackbookdelhi
Twitter:        @DilliDaily and @JamesonLife_DEL

 A Run for your cause

Are you running the Great Delhi Run this November? LBB and Team Jameson will be running the 6km run to generate awareness for Movember, and we’d love to have you join us! Just fill out the form below confirming you are registered for the run, and would like to run with our Movember crew, and we’ll keep you posted on our plans.

Celebrating Movember

Around the world, Movember comes to a close with a celebration do, and LBB and Team Jameson will be bringing you just that! Watch this space for more. In the interim, grab that razor and camera. A conversation has started; this Movember, we’re inviting you to join us in doing some talking.

Sign Up Here:

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