By Editors

Situated in the back of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Mughal Gardens are one of the most stunning, landscaped, well-planned gardens in the city, incorporating both Mughal and English landscaping styles. The garden itself is divided into a grid of squares, boasting six lotus shaped fountains which each rise up to a height of 12 feet. With the main Mughal Gardens, there’s the Main Garden, Terrace Garden and the Long Garden or the ‘Purdha Garden.’ Perfectly manicured lawns, and a giant range of flowers in full bloom, the good news is, the garden {including the musical garden} is now open for general public viewing until the 15th of March, in the spirit of Udyanotsav.

We request you to carry photo ID and a dose of manners, since they’re strict with the upkeep of the lawns. The lawns are shut on Monday, and any other day as per their discretion {and VIP events}, and entry is via Gate no 35 of the President’s Estate, located near the North Avenue. Other than that, Delhi, go enjoy some gorgeous, well taken care of open space. If you’d like some stats on exactly how beautiful, get this – 479340 people visited the gardens during the 15th Feb to 20th March period in 2013.  We’ll see you for high tea in the Rasthrapati Bhavan after.

Where: Gate no 35, President’s Estate, North Avenue, Western End of Church Road

When: Until 15th March