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Mumbai Matinee

Shahpur Jat
Casual Dining

Visit Mumbai Matinee In Shahpur Jat For A Plateful Of Old Bollywood

Navni posted on 21st April

Ten-Second Takeaway

A Noida import, Mumbai Matinee occupies a massive space in Shahpur Jat. The decor and music at the brightly-lit cafe, predominantly done up in tones of red, will take you right back to Bollywood {before the 90s}. The menu is mostly fast food—think vada pavs, burgers, quesadillas and grills.

Chow Down

Vada Pav, Chicken Quesadilla

Sip On

Burning Kiss, Kiwi Cooler

Winning For

The decor. We especially love their mic-shaped hanging lights.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Once you’ve managed to locate Mumbai Matinee {it’s right next to the famous power house in Shahpur Jat}, you’re going to be ascending a very long flight of red stairs, reminiscent of the time you may have spent walking up hundreds of stairs to pay your respects to the deities of the cinema hall, so to speak.

Once you’ve huffed and puffed your way inside {okay, it may have felt like more because we got lost and spent 20 minutes brisk walking in circles}, you’ll be greeted by posters of classic and other, lesser-known films, peering at you from the deep scarlet walls.

The playlist, curated by the owners, is a mix of Bollywood music from before the 90s, and we were particularly thankful for the lack of Himesh on the playlist. The tunes are mostly soothing and slow, lending to the laid-back ambience of the place.

What’s On The Menu?

The menu is a mix of Italian, Mexican and continental. We started with the vada pav, which was served with a sookhi chutney, mint chutney and raw onion slices—a perfectly balanced dish. This was followed by a portion of Buffalo Chicken Wings, served with salsa and a sour cream dip. If you’ve tasted authentic wings, you’ll know these are miles away, but we liked them for their chatpata flavour nonetheless.

We hear their masala cheese toast is quite the winner, so you may want to try it out, and do let us know how it is if you do!

For main course, we’d recommend the chicken quesadilla, which was perfectly crisp on the outside and contained a flavoursome chicken and bell pepper filling inside. The Chicken Veracruz is also a good idea if you like your food spicy, which is served on a bed of risotto rice and enveloped in a tangy spicy tomato sauce.

There is currently no dessert menu {this made us a little sad}, but they’re planning on expanding their menu, as well their space {the second floor is under construction, and is going to be a co-working-cum-event space} by mid-June. So, that’s when we’re going to be visiting again.

So, We’re Thinking…

Mumbai Matinee is a great place to unwind at, especially if you’re a Bollywood buff. It’s also cut out from all the noise of the traffic and thus makes for quite a relaxing space. They also serve a pretty wide variety of hookahs.


We’d suggest heading here late evening or night when it’s all lit up.

Where: 4A, Second Floor, Opposite Tohfe Wala Gumbad, Shahpur Jat

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Contact: 011 65544222

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

Timings: 11am – 2am

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More Information

Mumbai Matinee

Casual Dining
Shahpur Jat

4-A, 2nd Floor, Opp. Tohfe Wala Gumbad, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Mumbai Matinee

Shahpur Jat
Casual Dining