By Kartik Mahajan

Sometimes you come across a song or a piece of music that is just damn simple and an absolute pleasure to listen to. The lyrics are pleasant, the music is uncomplicated, and your mind and senses aren’t overloaded. Gentle music for the soul, great music for the weather change and the perfect music to go for a walk in the park holding hands to – Prateek Kuhad seems to have made this his style, and over the last few years, he has refined it and owned it. I saw him at the 2012 edition of NH7 in the city. I remember it being late evening, just shy of sunset, and the small crowd just had this beautiful urge to use the grass, so to speak, and sprawl all over the area in front of the stage. It was intimate; a stretch of time that just left everyone with a smile on their faces. His backing band is a collection of stellar musicians, and I will take that as a testament to the fact that Prateek is doing something that is well worth sitting up and listening to.

Chahe Ya Na Chahe is off his very successful EP ‘Raat Raazi,’ which I recommend anyone with a heart should buy. This track is just so pretty and mild that you can’t help but listen to it again and again, which is exactly what happened with me. When I heard it for the first time, I happened to just have it playing in the background while I went about my business. When the track ended though, I stopped and felt the need to listen to it again, not because I hadn’t caught it the first time around, but because it sounded great! The intricacies of an acoustic sound, especially that of a six string guitar, are something that we are all so tuned to listen to, but never actually pay attention to. Around the third listen, you will start noticing the guitar on this one. I’d love to hear what this track does for you once you listen to it a few times. Feel free to use the comments section!

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Image credits: Parizad D.