By Radhika Takru

Don’t be fooled by the freak showers. The notorious Delhi summer is upon us. Farewell, winter, my beloved – for the next 6 months, the bone-chilling cold you brought us will be nothing more than a memory – maybe even a dream.

If it’s within your means to get away from it all, however briefly, why don’t you treat yourself to a smorgasbord of live music? Some of the more tolerable summers of the world bring with them some of the most massive music festivals. Ah, travel industry, you wonderful, wonderful thing.


What it is: Only one of Europe’s largest festivals, Roskilde has been around since 1971. It’s notorious for a freak accident during a Pearl Jam concert in 2000, but that has not stopped it from expanding exponentially. It caters to what’s left of centre in India, but mainstream in Scandinavia. Miss it, miss out.

When: 29 June – 26 July

WhereRoskilde, Denmark {30 minutes from Copenhagen}

Lineup: Arctic Monkeys, Damon Albarn, Deerhunter, Interpol, Kasabian, Major Lazer, Moderat, Outkast, Psyched Up Janis, Rob Zombie, Trentemøller and more

Why you should go: You own at least one album by at least three of the headline acts.

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What it isNot really a music festival, but more a celebration of the synthesis of music, art and technology. Music, panel discussions, workshops – this isn’t a passive experience. With Moogfest, you can really expect to get your hands dirty.

When: 23 April – 27 April

Where: Asheville, NC, USA

Lineup:Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, M.I.A., Flying Lotus, Zed’s Dead, Chic + Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Morodor, Moderat, Dillon Francis and more; then there are panels, workshops, and sound installations.

Why you should go: You’re a geek. You like to know how things work. You don’t just want music, you want the whys and wherefores of music, technology and pop cult. And you know where the name comes from.

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What it is: EXIT is constantly winning ‘Best Music Festival Ever’ awards {yeah they have those}, which is pretty good considering it takes place in a fortress in the middle of nowhere. Starting off as a student protest movement for democracy, today it’s got some of the world’s biggest names playing its stages.

When: 10 July – 13 July

Where: Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia

Lineup: Skrillex, Rudimental, Dub FX, Koven, Disclosure, Queens Of The Stone Age, {more to be announced}

Why you should go: You don’t care what it is as long as you can move to it.

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What it is: Jannat for EDManiacs.

When: 18 – 20 July and 25 – 27 July

Where: Boom, Belgium {16km from Antwerp}

Lineup: Armin Van Buren, Carl Cox, Dillon Francis, Diplo, Eric Pridz, Tiesto, and more.

Why should you go: Because analogue is so last century.

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What it is: Two days, five cities. Stereosonic is one of Australia’s largest music festivals, focusing on electronic and dance music, and it’s growing at an eye-popping rate. Cities may share festival dates, so plan ahead, so you don’t miss a DJ you dig.

When: 29 November – 7 December 2014 {check your city to be sure}

Where: BrisbaneAdelaidePerthSydney, Melbourne.

Lineup: No one knows. Yet.

Why you should go: The sun, the sounds, the substances.

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What it is: One of the largest festivals in the world bringing together the arts and technology for a week full of blissful geekery. Hunt for jobs, scout for startups, catch a film, or find your next favourite band.

When: 7 March 2014 – 16 March 2014 {There’s always next year}

Where: Austin, Texas

Lineup: Every band you ever heard of. LOL/JK, big names include: Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, London Grammar. Most of the others are indies from around the world.

Why you should go: Er, it’s only one of the MOST MASSIVE festivals of ANYTHING EVER. Also, go support independent artists.

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What it is: Jazz meets heritage – at nearly 45 years old, this has to be one of the oldest music festivals out there. It was created to commemorate the birthplace of Jazz – New Orleans. Oddly enough, headliners are rarely jazz acts, but you’ll still get your fix.

When: 25 April – 4 May

Where: New Orleans

Lineup: Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Christina Aguilera, Phish, Robin Thicke, Arcade Fire, Santana, The String Cheese Incident, Trey Songz, Vampire Weekend, Foster The People, and even some jazz.

Why you should go: You really looooove your jazz and you’re willing to overlook the festival’s horrific pop-takeover, just to get your dose.

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Make a Schedule: Festivals run with many acts on many stages and you need to prioritise. Which band will you see, at what time, on what day, and on which stage? MS Excel is your new friend.

Sold out? Don’t let that put a damper on your plans. Look out for sideshows from your favourite acts. Local gig listings should help you out.

Shoes: This is not the place for footwear fashion. You’re going to have to walk from venue to venue, to toilet to venue, and your feet will make you regret every step if you don’t choose wisely.

Accommodation: Sort out accommodation. Hotel, hostel or tent. Know where you’re staying.

Summer: Festivals mean summer. Hat, shades, sunscreen, water.

Caution: Crowds can be dodgy. Ditch the sexy smartphone and carry a sasta Nokia with you. Text your family from time to time to let them know you’re okay and enjoy a weekend {or more} away from the endlessly buzzing internet.

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