These Single-Ingredient Skincare Products Are Pure, Raw & Super Effective


    What Makes It Awesome

    I hate skincare with mile-long labels full of ingredients that I can't even read, let alone pronounce. On my search for natural skincare products, I found Mystiq Living, a local brand that does chemical-free with the simplest list of ingredients I've seen in a while.

    For sensitive skin, I love the Aloe Vera Gel that feels really soothing. They also have shea butter and cocoa butter which is a saviour during colder months or if you love taking really hot showers, or just have super dry skin like I do. Mystiq Living also does some roll-ons that are diluted blends of different essential oils, all with different purposes like the soothing one for sleep, a mosquito repellant, a cramp-free one and even a stress-relief one. 

    Price: INR 199 upwards